We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services in our Gold Coast office.



  • Dental crowns

Dental crowns can be an effective long-term treatment options for teeth that are heavily restored. The tooth is first prepared to allow acceptance of a custom-made crown that is then cemented onto the tooth. This helps rebuild the shape and restore function to the tooth. Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials and depending on your case, your dentist will help you decide the best type of crown for you.

  • Dental bridge

A dental bridge allows replacement of missing teeth and helps restore aesthetics and function to the teeth. Cost will vary depending on the length of the bridge and the materials used. A dental bridge is usually made of two dental crowns on either side of the gap which are attached to a false tooth (pontic) in between the two crowns. Dental bridges are considered a cost effective method in replacing missing teeth when compared to dental implants.



  • Porcelain veneers are ideal to mask discolouration or correct chipped or crooked teeth. By bonding a thin piece of ceramic porcelain onto the front surfaces of your teeth, it can provide a natural looking smile with minimal tooth preparation. They are extremely durable and easy to maintain.
  • For minor chips and discolourations, composite veneers may be all that is needed to enhance your smile. It is a quicker method and more cost effective than ceramic porcelain veneers, but more susceptible to staining and chipping.



  • There are a wide range of options available to help whiten your teeth due to staining from: tea and coffee consumption, cigarette smoking and general discolouration from ageing or antibiotic treatment.
  • Our practice uses an in-office bleaching system that offers instantaneous results that can last for many years.
  • Take home bleaching kits and top-ups are also available.



  • At our practice, we only use “white” fillings to restore a broken tooth or cavity. Composite (white) fillings are mercury-free and are more natural looking than Amalgam (silver) fillings. They are also less sensitive to temperature changes and because of different bonding methods, white fillings are more conservative and require less tooth drilling than silver fillings.
  • In some children, we recommend placement of fissure sealants that help prevent decay in deep grooves in developing teeth. They are painless and effective in sealing in areas where the bristles on a toothbrush cannot easily clean.



  • Partial or full dentures are a cost effective way of replacing missing or unrestorable teeth. There are many types of dentures that may be suitable, and during your consultation appointment, the dentist will discuss with you all of the available options
  • Acrylic dentures
    • This is a cost effective method to replace missing teeth and recommended for people who may require more teeth removed in the future. They are made of an easier material to repair but are weaker and can fracture more easily.
    • Acrylic dentures are also made for people that are missing all their teeth
  • Chrome dentures

They are more expensive than acrylic dentures, but are stronger and less prone to breaking. They are made thinner and smaller than acrylic dentures, but can be more visible in the mouth

  • Valplast dentures

Made of a flexible nylon-like material, Valplast dentures offers superior aesthetics and comfort to people needing to replace missing teeth. The denture colour blends with your gums and stability is achieved by clipping onto existing teeth

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We accept all health funds at Krollner Dental and have a HICAPS machine available for instant claiming with your health fund. We also have preferred provider agreements in place with the following health funds:



bupa dentist gold coast

Bupa members with Extras Cover can receive additional value and certainty through known out-of-pocket expenses when they visit a Members First provider. Plus they can expect generally higher set benefits, discounts, and up to 100% back and at least 60% back on specified services. Krollner Dental is a Bupa Members First Platinum dentist on the Gold Coast.



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The Medibank Members' Choice network is one of the largest health provider networks in Australia, covering most private hospitals and the widest range of extras services of any health fund. Medibank negotiated with many healthcare professionals so you won't be charged more than the agreed price. Krollner Dental is a Medibank Members' Choice dentist on the Gold Coast.



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HCF's More for teeth program is here to help you maintain great oral health. Available to all HCF members with Extras cover, it includes two fully covered check-ups and cleans each year at a participating dentist. More for teeth also covers you for x-rays and mouthguards. Krollner Dental is a HCF More for teeth dentist on the Gold Coast.


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Teachers Union Health preferred providers charge an agreed fee per service. Members on Ultimate Choice, Easy Choice, Active Choice, Young Choice, Comprehensive General and Mid Range General covers have no out of pockets for basic examinations, bitewing radiographs, scaling and cleaning. Krollner Dental is a preferred dentist for TUH on the Gold Coast.

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