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General Dentistry

 Gold Coast Family Dentist

We offer dental services for the whole family.

Preventative Care

  • Prevention is better than cure. At Krollner Dental we provide routine dental checkups and cleans to keep your teeth in a healthy state. These thorough cleans remove the build-up of calculus (tartar) from around your teeth, which is very important in keeping your gums healthy.
  • If this calculus is not removed and allowed to grow deeper and under your gums, it may give you bleeding gums, bad breath and eventually gum disease that may cause teeth to become loose. Once this gum and bone is lost, there is no way to get it back. A thorough scale and clean from your dentist and improved brushing and oral hygiene will in most cases improve the health of your gums and prevent gum disease


Root Canal Treatment

  • Root canal, or endodontic therapy is initiated to allow you to keep teeth that are otherwise indicated to be extracted. It is required if the nerve tissues inside the tooth are affected from severe decay or a traumatic fracture that exposes the nerve to bacteria. Once the nerve gets infected, the infection may spread and causes other problems such as: facial swelling, severe and throbbing pain, increased sensitivity to temperature changes, severe pain on biting etc.
  • Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected nerve tissue and any bacteria that may be present in the root canals. Once all the root canals are cleaned, they are filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha that helps prevent bacteria from re-entering the root canal space.


Emergency Appointments

  • At Krollner Dental, we are well experienced to help diagnose and treat emergency toothache and knocked teeth. Our dentists will try and accommodate you and get you out of pain as soon as possible.


Sporting Mouthguards

  • If you or your children are involved in contact sports, it is highly recommended that a mouthguard is made to protect the teeth from unwanted injury. A mouthguard is usually made for the top teeth out of a hard rubber material that helps absorb forces that may otherwise damage the teeth.


Splints for Teeth Grinding

  • If you notice that your jaws are sore in the morning, or your partner complains that you grinding your teeth at night, then you may have a condition called bruxism. Bruxism is when you clench or grind your teeth together either during the day or at sleep. This puts strains on the jaw muscles and may also cause your teeth to wear away. Over time, this may cause your teeth to appear shorter as they have been worn away through many days and nights of grinding. It can also cause pain to radiate up to the ear, the temple and even down the neck
  • An occlusal splint is made of a hard acrylic that helps prevent the teeth from grinding together. It will correct the grinding habit and gives you and your partner a good night’s sleep.


Medibank Members Choice Provider

Medibank Dentist Gold Coast 

The Medibank Members' Choice network is one of the largest health provider networks in Australia, covering most private hospitals and the widest range of extras services of any health fund. Medibank negotiated with many healthcare professionals so you won't be charged more than the agreed price. Krollner Dental is a Medibank Members' Choice dentist on the Gold Coast.

Bupa Members First Provider

Bupa Dentist Gold Coast

Bupa members with Extras Cover can receive additional value and certainty through known out-of-pocket expenses when they visit a Members First provider. Plus they can expect generally higher set benefits, discounts, and up to 100% back and at least 60% back on specified services. Krollner Dental is a Bupa Members First dentist on the Gold Coast.

HCF More for teeth provider

HCF Dentist Gold Coast

HCF's More for teeth program is here to help you maintain great oral health. Available to all HCF members with Extras cover, it includes two fully covered check-ups and cleans each year at a participating dentist. More for teeth also covers you for x-rays and mouthguards. Krollner Dental is a HCF More for teeth dentist on the Gold Coast.

TUH Preferred Provider

TUH Dentist Gold Coast

Teachers Union Health preferred providers charge an agreed fee per service. Members on Ultimate Choice, Easy Choice, Active Choice, Young Choice, Comprehensive General and Mid Range General covers have no out of pockets for basic examinations, bitewing radiographs, scaling and cleaning. Krollner Dental is a preferred dentist for TUH on the Gold Coast.